I have a coworker named Chris.  He works in relief up in the Mt. Elgon region of Western Kenya, near Uganda.  He isn’t in our office much usually but when he is he uses the office next to mine.  He is such a wonderful man and I thank God for him. He is a man of God and many refer to him as Pastor as he speaks the truth and gives sermons often (sometimes in church, sometimes not).


Chris lived in India for six years.  He refers to himself as the “father of all foreigners” even though he is only in his 30’s I’m sure.  When Chris was young his family hosted a Peace Corps (pronounced with the ‘ps’ here) and the young man stayed in Chris’s room.  Chris thanks God for that opportunity to broaden his knowledge of the world and has taken it upon himself to reach out to all foreigners.  Now his children are as comfortable with wazungu (‘white people’) as he was as a child.


Chris is a joy and I had the fortune of spending time with his wife and two children while he was stuck upcountry during the post-election violence.   Terry is a gem, too.


Chris flew to Eldoret early Tuesday morning to see where the relief work stood that we were already doing with IDPs (internally displaced people) in the Mt. Elgon region as well as what was needed and what we could do with all the new IDPs in the Eldoret region.  You may recognize the town of Eldoret as it has been in the news a lot as a place where there has been a lot of violence.  I was there in November and it wasn’t all sunshine and roses then, it’s worse now, much, much worse.


Chris is working with other local organizations both here and in Eldoret to make our efforts go further and reach those who are most in need.  Here in Nairobi they are reaching out to provide food and some hygiene items to over 1000 households from the Kibera slum in conjunction with other organizations.


Please pray for Chris as he has a heart of gold, that he may not be hardened by what he sees.  Pray for the safety of his family while he is coming and going from Nairobi to Eldoret.  Pray for Chris’s safety as we surveys what CRWRC can do to best help his fellow Kenyans.  Pray that Kenyans will rise up to help one another.


Please pray that this ‘father of all foreigners’ will help those around him learn to love and forgive, as our heavenly father has done for us.