My church in MN is kicking off Mission Emphasis Week on Sunday Feb. 3, 2008.  Worship starts at 10:30 and should last about 90 minutes for this special service.  There will be some great speakers, including me!

While I will not be there in person, we are going to do a live skype interview during worship and it should be a lot of fun.  After worship there is a light lunch with the director of CRWRC-US and you are welcome to partake. 

If you have questions or need directions to Calvary Christian Reformed Church in Edina, MN please contact the church.  There is a link to them on the blogroll under ‘my minni church’ or you can call them at (952) 831-6264 or you can find directions here.

The following Sunday there will be a table set up with things from Kenya and some photos and video I have sent, I’m not sure if that will be set up on the 3rd as well or not.  I hope you can make it and want to hear all about it if you do.