I don’t like to make my posts too terribly long. I don’t like to read really long posts on blogs so I try to keep them short for you. This post goes along with the previous post about Chris in Eldoret.

Another coworker and friend, Alida, lives and works outside of Eldoret in Plateau. Alida left Plateau for Christmas break Dec. 22 and was planning to be gone only about 10 days or so and here it is Jan. 23 and she flew back to Eldoret this morning. She is glad to be ‘home.’

She is an RN and does community health. Her work plans are changing as a lot of the area around her has been turned upside down. Her village is OK though. However, due to the current situation, she has been asked to help plan medical camps if it is determined they are needed and can be effectively carried out in the region.

Pray for people to love and let go of prejudices and biases based on tribe.
Pray for mental and spiritual healing for everyone who has seen and experienced so much.
Pray that Alida’s bicycle helmet will arrive shortly so that she will be safer as she is able to get out and experience one of her favorite stress-relievers – bicycling.

If you are interested in contacting Alida or I you can get details here of one way to do that. Click on KENYA at the bottom of that page.