One of the first things that I did upon arriving in Kenya was work with what we call a Discovery Tour.  There were six participants from Canada and the US who were in Kenya and Uganda to learn about HIV/AIDS and our work here.  It was great.  I learned so much and was really touched and blessed to be a part of this trip.  It is becoming an annual trip around October and I’m looking forward to the next trip already. 

Liz was on the trip and has a blog about her journey here and back.  This is one of her posts after her return to California.  I encourage you to read the rest of her blog as well for some good insight into what is going on in Kenya and how a trip like this can shake up your world.  It’s not just a vacation and there are repercussions that make you ‘never the same.’  It’s hard going back and forgetting and we pray that no one ever does.  Liz is doing a great job showing how she desires to be a part of the change and that’s exciting.