Again, on the BBC I read an interesting and heartbreaking story.  It may not seem heartbreaking to you, but to know that so many people who have escaped the violence are still losing their livlihoods is difficult for me to read.

I went on safari with a Canadian CRWRC staffer who was here working in November.  I mentioned that we were going to one of my coworker’s and her first words were, “Thank you for supporting our economy.”  It caught me off-guard and I wasn’t sure what to say so I remembered what my mother always taught me and just said, “You’re welcome.”

We had a great time and did contribute to the economy.  While we were there we visited with the staff and learned about Kenya, the wildlife, the nature and the individuals working there.  It was great!

Kenya has taken a hit over the last several weeks and it hurts all of us here and many around the world.  However, I want to close with the thought of resilience that we pray will prevail.  This is a quote from the above mentioned article.

“Kenyans are an incredibly industrious and entrepreneurial people. They’ve recovered from big hits in the past, and they’ll do so again, but this is going to be very difficult for a while to come

Robert Shaw, economist