I was just blessed.

I was going to go to Kibera slum this afternoon with my co-worker, Chris.  We were going to meet with some pastors and take photos and video of the area for the relief work.  However, we were informed that tensions were too high and we should not go yet.  So instead, the pastors came to our offices.  I did not sit in on the meeting but came in at the end ‘to encourage’ them. 

I cannot imagine what these men have experienced over the last few weeks.  They are all pastors and one is also a shop keeper.  His store was burned to the ground.

As I stood in this small room with five Kenyan pastors, I told them about all of you and how you are praying, not just for me because you know me, but for each of them and all of Kenya.  That you are praying for peace and reconcilliation and God’s will and glory.

We stood to pray and I had tears in my eyes as we stood holding hands.  There were  six people from at least five different tribes (including me) coming together to proclaim God’s blessing for Kenya.  We didn’t care who was whom or where they came from just that God is god of love and mercy.

It was amazing and such a blessing.  I’m crying as I write this for to be a part of the healing was healing itself. 

The Holy Spirit was in that room, friends.  We were not alone.  We ARE not alone.  We are blessed.