This week has the potential for greatness.

This week has the potential for horror.Kofi Annan is to fly in today and hopefully both parties will agree to mediation with him.Parliament opened about 45 minutes ago at 2pm.  The opposition has called for peaceful rallies to start at 10 am each day Wed – Fri, all over the country. Evacuation plans are still in effect, just in case, but we continue to think they will not be needed.We have added a small, inexpensive TV to our office so that we can better keep up with the news.We continue to pray for peace and reconciliation and healing.We have started working with other agencies to provide relief to people in various areas such as Kibera slum and EldoretChurch leaders are beginning to stand up publicly for peace and justice.People are hurting and bitter and searching for hope.Many people are helping, giving time, money and items to individuals, neighbors, family members and strangers.God is mighty and he is in control.Some of you may be familiar with this saying and it is said a couple of times each Sunday in the church that I attend.Pastor: God is good.People: All the time.Pastor: All the time.People: God is good, that’s His nature.Pray that God’s power and greatness will conquer the evil that will try to prevail this week.  There is a great battle commencing and we pray for the Holy Spirit to strengthen us all.