I have finally been able to watch/listen to the TV broadcast online.  Just a few clarifications. 

I did not talk to Chris but with my friend, Jared.  I don’t know Chris.

The person who saw a couple of people chopped in the street was a friend, not a coworker (although my coworkers are my friends).

The evacuation information sounds like I have these super priviledges to escape the country.  As a foreigner and an American working with an American-based organization, I do have options that others may not have simply because of my position and the access to money.  The people who really were/are in danger are Kenyans and unable to leave the country quickly if they do not have access to money and time. 

I was asked how I saw what was happening in relation to American history.  I told Jared that I wasn’t sure if I was qualified to answer that question.  I then suggested that Kenya is a young independent country (they gained independence in 1963) and that hopefully this was growing pains and Kenya would stand taller and stronger soon.

Right now the death toll is up to 600 with over 150,000 people displaced.

Things are calming down in most places and ‘peace negotiations’ are hopefully going to begin tomorrow with the help of the African Union chairman, President Kuffuor of Ghana.