Tonight’s news and even the papers have begun to focus on not only peace but really talking about humanitarian aide.  This is good, but some places are still too rough for the aide to begin. 

I’m struck though with the term humanitarian relief.  It will be a relief no doubt.  But I can’t help but think how un-humanitarian, how un-human, this was/is to begin with.  Who kills someone because of what family they come from and who kills someone based on their tribe and ethnicity.  Oh that’s right.  A lot of people all over the world have done that throughout history.

Please do not think that this is an ‘African’ problem.  Think of the holocaust where people were killed due to their ethnicity and faith and looks.  Think of the era of slaves in the USA where people were beaten when they were found where they ‘didn’t belong.’  Think of they way North Americans have and still treat outsiders.  Shoot, think of the way junior high school kids treat outsiders.  Think of the way the church treats those that are from a different background – drug users, prostitutes, smokers, cheaters, people of different ethnicities and tribes and even denominations.

I sometimes want to scream from the top of my lungs and the bottom of my toes.  (And trust me, that would be loud.)  I am screaming at you and you and you and oh, yea, me.

Humanitarian relief is important.  People are starving, cold and homeless with nothing left.  But if I only help those like me I will not be helping many people and I certainly will not be very humane, human but not humane. 

Pray that the violence will end.  Pray that the judgement will end.  Pray that the lines that have been drawn for whatever reasons here in Kenya will be erased.  Pray that the lines drawn all over the world will be erased.  Pray that the lines in my heart and in your heart will be erased and we might all see each other as God does.  His beloved children.  Children he calls to love and serve one another.  Children that he loves so much that he let his only child suffer unbearably for us, die and go to hell for all of our faults, shames and sins.  Children who desire to love and be loved. 

CRWRC is working on how we can best help in the humanitarian relief effort.  We will be working through our local partner organizations.  If you are interested in helping out please pray.  Then if you would like to help out in a financial way, please do so through our home office at

To donate to this relief response, mark donations “Kenya Conflict” and mail to CRWRC, 3475 Mainway, PO Box 5070, STN LCD 1, Burlington, ON, L7R 3Y8 or to CRWRC, 2850 Kalamazoo Avenue, Grand Rapids, MI, 49560.

For more information: In Canada, call 1-800-730-3490. In the U.S., call 1-800-55-CRWRC.