Today was the first day that I really had TV access.  I haven’t owned a television since I left Kansas to move to Minnesota in 2003.  In the office security meeting yesterday it was decided that had to change.  To have information I needed a TV so off I drove to Nakumatt (it’s sorta like Wal-Mart or Targe). 

++yup, I’m driving, scary thought and a whole other need for prayer – seriously.

Anyway, today as we had the TV on most of the day I was reminded of 9/11.  Nothing was on TV except news of the horrors that are occurring here, just like during 9/11.

I was in Parkville, MO on 9/11.  I had been to an alumni event the previous night and was staying with my friends and fellow SC alumni, Andy and Lesa Brown.  Lesa came down and got me to come up and watch the TV with her.  Isn’t amazing that as I write this post, Andy and Lesa are across town living in Karen going through this ‘with’ me again.

We have been in touch and I’ve seen their blog and even listed it here.  All are fine.

I often find myself relating things to what I know from ‘back home.’  It irritates me and I’m sure it may irritate others as well so I try not to do it so much and the longer I’m here the less I make those connections.  I hear it from others as well and have to let it go.

Right now, Alida and I have chosen to stay another night at Amanda’s for the company and change of scenery.  We have five of us here in total and one is a Kikuyu friend of ours who has been incredibly helpful in helping us understand basic Kenyan government, decipher the language and accent in the news and understand some of the culture that is behind some of the actions that we are seeing.  He got cold earlier and is wearing my Sleeping Fawn sweatshirt.  Cracks me up, and we all need a little humor right now. 

Speaking of humor, we took a break from the news and watched When Harry Met Sally.  George and Alida had never seen it and I hadn’t seen it since June probably, it was great!  Some of you know that is my favorite movie.  It was so much fun, but I had to remember not to quote the whole thing out loud since I was with newbies.

There was to be a rally today and it was postponed originally until Tuesday and has recently been announced to be tomorrow.  Please pray for safety, calm and peace.

I encourage you to read the other blogs I have listed such as Alida, Andy & Lesa and news sites such as BBC, CBC, CNN and Al Jazeera. 

I cannot thank you enough for your concern and your prayers.  I would ask specifically for prayers for our staff as we make some difficult decisions in the next few days and for those of us who have family in other places that are concerned for our safety.  I pray for discernment and comfort for all.