It’s been a long time, I know, and for that I apologize. 

Where to begin?

I could start with all the December birthdays I missed celebrating at home but the new ones that I got to celebrate here. 

I could start with the friends and family that I dearly missed over Christmas but got to talk with on the phone while I was only about 30 feet from a crocodile in the lake.

I could start with the fun and games nights that I miss living in a city where it is not a good idea for a woman to be out by herself after dark, especially without a car and how Kenyan culture (from what I’ve observed) doesn’t think about just getting together to ‘hang out’ and play games.

I could start with the fact that I drove for the first time since July and it was a standard with the driver’s seat on the right side of the car and the gear shift on my left while I drove down the left side of the road.

I could start with thanks for all the cards I have received all month long.

I could start with the frustrations of going through the process of picking up a package but the joy of having it once the ordeal is finally over.

I could start with how I had to say farewell to a couple who became surrogate parents to me over the past few months as they returned to Canada, but how I got to celebrate as I discovered that another pair of surrogate parents is returning to Kenya for about 3 months in early Jan.

I could start with how sad I was that I couldn’t be there for my nephew’s baptism, but how exited I was that everyone else got to be there and that he was being baptized!

I could start with how a friend I met during my time in Mali was able to stop over and visit me for a few days with some of her friends and the whirlwind time we had catching up and learning from one another and shopping and how fun it was to help them transition from African village to African city to prepare them for American city.

I could start with how I got to do a site visit for a potential future volunteer placement.

I could start with how I baked treats for the office several times and how people loved them and how one remarked, “You’re not like other muzungus (white people).”

I could start with how we celebrated Christmas as an office in a different way than I’m used to but how people enjoyed taking home the Christmas ornaments that Mom had sent from a craft fair.

I could start with how I celebrated Christmas with Amanda and Alida (yup, we’re the Triple A Gang) at Lake Baringo where it was hot and different but fun, too.

I could start with all the animals that I saw over Christmas holiday that I never would’ve associated with Christmas, living back in MN or KS. 

I could start with the Kenyan Presidential elections, but I don’t know where to begin.

I could start with asking you to pray, but I don’t know where to end.

Where do I begin?