Please pray for Kenya.  Pray for peace.  Pray for willingness and ability for people to work together in government.  Pray for the corruption to end.  Pray for the joy of Christ to prevail.  Pray for people to think before they speak and act.  Pray for divisions to disappear and unity to prevail.   Pray for safety for everyone here.  Pray for the violence to end.  Pray for understanding.  Pray for God’s justice, not ours.

Pray for grace and mercy to abound.

This is a scary time in Kenya.  Kenya is hurting.  People are sad.  People are hurt.  People are ticked-off.

The Kenyan Presidential election was held Thursday December 27, 2007.  The winner was finally declared on Sunday December 30, 2007 in the early evening. 

At the time I am writing this just after midnight on Monday December 31, 2007, I am aware of at least 16 deaths since Thursday related to election violence.  There are riots.  There is looting.  There is fear.  There is cry of foul-play from all sides. 

The winner is the incumbent, Pres. Kibaki, and he was to be sworn in right away.  The opposition is allegedly going to initiate a parallel government tomorrow so Kibaki is going to have all opposition leaders arrested.  The government has taken control of the media.  Over the last couple of days the stores have been running out of staple foods.  There are more police out than normal, often wearing riot gear.  I have heard helicopters on several occasions where normally I hear none. 

I have been contacted by several coworkers including my country boss and my regional boss.  Both have instructed Alida and I to stay indoors.  I thank God that I am not alone.  We have food and water.  We each have a phone.  We have a radio and we have a wireless modem so that we can check our email and BBC for news. 

I never expected anything like this.  It’s odd.  It’s strange.  It’s scarey.

I have tried very hard to not put anything scarey on this site.  I never wanted to post anything that would lead anyone (mainly my family) to believe that I may be in danger.  Most of the time I am not.  At this point, I don’t feel that I am in danger now either. 

However, this is serious.  This cannot be ignored.  I am begging you to pray for Kenya and all of the people here.  I am asking you to pray for those of us who live here but are not Kenyans; pray that we don’t make matters worse but are an encouragement and voice of hope and reason.  Pray that I know what to say and do, that I know what God desires for me from this situation.

I’ve made cookies for the guards of my compound, a belated Christmas.  It’s small.  It’s trivial.  I hope it helps to show them that I appreciate them and that they may in turn remember to appreciate someone else and that there will be a bit more kindness in the world.  WHAT?!  What am I saying?  People are looting, rioting and killing and I’m baking mud cookies?  Seriously.  I don’t know what my role is in this, this whatever.  God help me. 

God help us all.