Just so you don’t think I’m making these things up I wanted to share with you an article that was in the Daily Nation this morning.  The Nation is one of the local papers here.  It talks about the problem of plastic bags in Nakuru which is northwest of Nairobi and the proposed solution.  They are going to train people to gather bags, clean and make them into all sorts of items such as rugs, placemats, hats and shower curtains (I’d like to see this one).

I was shopping in my new favorite store not far from the office this week (Paperazzi, an eco-store that rocks!) and they were selling hats, baskets and purses made from recycled plastic bags.  They were so cool!  They don’t have a website unfortunately, but I received an email from a coworker in Niger with a neat site you should visit.  You cannot tell that these things were ever plastic bags, it’s amazing!

 Anyway, I’m not trying to be on a soapbox at all, just looking at things differently these days.  I hope you enjoy these sites and how people are using the creativity that God has given them.  It’s really cool to see such ingenuity.