Several people have asked about this Due South to which I am addicted so I’m adding a link here so you can read for yourself about this great show.   I’m a freak, I know it.

 I also have some sad TV news.  Well, for some of you the fact that I don’t have one is sad enough but I’m OK with that bit.  The real tragedy, if you will, is that I am not watching Grey’s.  I know.  I just couldn’t make it work on my computer so I’ve given up hope.  I’ll just have to watch it all when I come home in June (provided someone is taping it for me).  I need to keep up with American pop culture somehow.  Right now I only have my computer which does play DVDs so if you get a hankerin’ to send me anything to watch I would not reject it and would probably share the joy with others. 

 So, every Thursday when you’re watching Grey’s think of me and enjoy it a little bit for me, too.