I love being the hostess.  I’m like Monica on Friends.  She and Rachel lost their apartment to Joey and Chandler in a bet and Monica spent all this time cleaning and baking in the little apartment so that everyone would come over and be happy there.  She worked so hard that she was exhausted and feel asleep on the couch and people started to leave.  She woke up long enough to tell them all to stay because SHE was the hostess.  That’s sorta like me (except for that whole cleaning thing).  I love to be the hostess and help provide joy and laughter for all.  (That sounds ridiculous.)


Anyway, part of my job as a Bridger is to host and orient our volunteers and visitors.  I have agreed willingly to host some of those female folks in my home.  That’s one of the reasons I looked hard for a specific type of couch that would be nice and soft and cushy, cozy – so people could comfortably sleep on it. 


So the idea was that I would get a two or three bedroom apartment so that I could offer people their own room when they stay with me and more privacy, particularly if they are going to be here more than a few days. 


I saw what may be an available three bedroom this evening.  Each bedroom basically has its own bathroom and the master has a big bathtub!  There are windows everywhere and a big kitchen and a separate dining room.  However, the rooms are small for the most part (except for my bathroom and the kitchen which even has a pass through window).  And it’s on the first floor and a lot noisier.  The upstairs neighbor is rarely there though which is a bonus.  I’d also have three, count them three little private patio areas and a big wash room with room for a washer if I ever wanted and could afford to buy and run one.


Right now I’m thinking I’ll hold out for a top floor three bedroom (they don’t have two bedrooms in this complex) or stay where I am in my one bedroom.  Some of the reasons are mentioned above.  The other reason is a book that I’m reading that I encourage you to read if you’re looking for something different or more in your life and you want whatever that is to include a great love and passion for Jesus.  It’s called The Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne.  Can I serve just as well in the one bedroom as I can in the three bedroom?  What and where and for whom is the best use of the extra money that would be spent on the three bedroom?  The book talks about things that I’ve thought about and sometimes struggled with and sometimes embraced and sometimes rejected off and one since at least my undergrad days at SC. 


I’m still processing what I’m reading.  I’m half-way through the book and I’m challenged.  I’m thinking.  I’m praying.  I’m wondering what about now in my life.  I’m wondering what about next in my life?  I’m wondering.