House help is common here.  Many people are either employing house help or are house help.  I’m torn by this really.  I couldn’t afford anyone coming in to clean my house in the States and I enjoyed doing my laundry when I had my own washer and dryer in my place.  However, here most people are doing laundry by hand and I’m not good at it and don’t like it.  Here I can also afford to pay someone to do these things for me and it provides me freedom of mind and time.  It will be particularly great when I’m busy with a tour and visitors. 


Now, affording house help here is different than affording house help in the States.  I don’t think that it’s even comparable but I’m not really sure.  I feel like this is a way that I can contribute to the economy here and provide employment for someone who really wants to work.  It’s weird though.  In my mind only rich people get to hire someone to help them and I’m not rich.  Even though I’m a white foreigner and may be perceived as such, I am not.  I may be better off than many but I don’t make the big bucks so this is a bit odd. 


Pauline did a good job though.  I left her some money so that she could get more supplies since I didn’t have much.  I also asked her to leave me a list of other things that I should get and she did.  I need to check with Betty though to see what those things are because they are words that I know but I don’t think that we mean the same things, I’m just not sure.  Have I mentioned that Betty and I work together and Pauline lives with her family?  Pauline didn’t pass a school exam and is waiting until it is offered again to retake it so that she can move on.


The Bridgers are going through some case studies right now and one of them was about hiring a local woman to do the cooking and cleaning.  I think I made better decisions than what was presented in that case study and I pray that Pauline and I can develop a good relationship that will be a better study for all involved.