It’s been a busy week (where have I heard that before?)!


Saturday:  I rode a matatu to town to spend the day with Alida and Amanda.  We hit a couple of markets and a mall.  We also found the fabric district but all the stores were closed due to the fact that it was Kenyatta Day, a national holiday honoring Kenya’s first president.  We rested for a bit and then headed for Indian food in my new neighborhood and that was great!  Alida headed back to the MGH and I went to stay at Amanda’s. 


Sunday:  I walked to a nearby gas station and Moses picked me up and headed to a church that was having a special worship service that included baptizing about 25 orphans.  That was fun even though I couldn’t see it all.  The service (at least two hours) was all in Kikuyu and/or Swahili.  Then Moses and I headed to a monthly gathering he is a part of called Apples and Honey.  There was good food and some interesting conversation although most things were again in Kikuyu or Swahili.  Late in the afternoon a couple in their 70’s maybe came in and joined us.  They are Caucasian and they sat down to have some lunch.  When we saw them come in several of us moved to the back of the room since we had already eaten and they were our elders.  When the wife saw me she leaned to her husband and said in a loud whisper, “There’s another muzungu!”  I talked with them later and found out that they are from Texas but have lived here for five years or so working with a seminary, I believe, and are thinking of moving to Ethiopia.  (BTW: ‘muzungu’ means white person)  That evening, as it was my last evening with Moses and Rose before moving into my apartment, they presented me with a set of silverware and 3 doz. eggs.  Remember, they raise chickens.


Monday:  Monday morning two of the guys helped me load and move into my apartment (up all four or five flights!) and then that evening, my new friend Amanda brought over a house warming gift of cleaning supplies – yea!  I also got to meet her friend George which was great.  Then another coworker dropped off a mattress, sheets, blanket and pillow that I can keep!  I love it and the blanket is even green, my favorite.  I slept well that night with a clean bathroom and clean sheets.


Tuesday:  I took a coworker, Martin, to lunch to thank him for helping me move and we had our meeting then.  That was a good meeting and a tasty lunch.  Another coworker, Hans, took me shopping because he has a car and we loaded up.  I got a lot and yet it seems like not much.  My water filter has extra parts and no instructions.  Hmmmm.


Wednesday:  A new friend that I met through Amanda, Njoki, took me to order my new couch and loveseat.  I got a little confused on the conversion and paid more than I planned but I know that I won’t regret it.  On our way back we stopped and I bought a fridge (have I mentioned that this is in my living room) and stove/oven and had those delivered.  The furniture should be here Nov. 5.


Thursday:  I think I worked all day.  On my way home from work I stopped by and got my eyebrows threaded.  There’s not a lot of waxing going on here but threading does the same thing.  I’m not sure how it works but I have me some sexy eyebrows now!  I stopped by at the shop next door and found pastries so I bought one for supper and one for breakfast on Friday along with some cheese and matches (the stove is gas) and an cold Stoney (at least I remembered that I don’t own a bottle opener yet and had the gal open the bottle before I left).  I had intended to stop by a gym on my way home to get some information for a friend of mine but decided that since I was carrying a pop and two pastries perhaps I’d stop another day.


Friday:  Betty, yet another coworker, brought by a gal that’s been living with her for over a year.  Pauline didn’t pass one of her tests for school and is waiting to take it again and looking for some work.  She sells samosas after church on Sundays and now cleans my apartment and does my laundry on Fridays.  (more on this later)  Then Ben (one of my trusted taxi drivers) picked up Betty and I and ran us to the office where I picked up my forgotten passport and then whisked me to the US Embassy where I attended my first town hall meeting.  It was fine.  Went through a few different securities and then had a Q/A with the Ambassador and some others and then met my warden.  It was good and I’m glad that I went.  I made sure that I was registered with the Embassy incase of any problems that may arise and the warden is an American that lives near me.  I look forward to getting to know him and his wife.  They told me where to buy a mattress which was great to know.  Ben then picked me up and I went back to work where I received a call saying that my bed is finished.  Then I came home to a clean house and wet clothes.  They are done by hand and hung out to dry and it rained off and on all day unfortunately.  I had two visitors tonight and both were men!  (I know you’re jealous!)  First was Patrick, the caretaker who fixed the final two things in my apt – a burned out bulb and clogged shower head.  He also told me that I can indeed get a bigger shower but I’d have to pay for it.  I asked him to find out how much and we’d go from there.  I also got to see an empty 3 BR to see if I want to move into that one where I can better host visitors and volunteers.  (more on this later, too)  My second visitor was one of the security guards, Emmanuel.  I’m having cell phone issues and had been outside trying to talk with Alida and having no luck so I asked the guards if they could help.  We tried to call the company on their phone but I couldn’t remember my number.  So anyway, Emmanuel kept trying to get through to the company and when he did he came up to let me talk to the guy on his phone.  I still don’t know what’s wrong with my phone but I have an idea now anyway.  Not bad for a Friday night, huh?


So, here I sit on my little mattress on the floor since it’s the only place to sit in my apartment right now except the toilet.  I have clothes hanging off of every surface in each room.  My phone will only let me text, or SMS is what we call it here and my water filter still doesn’t work so I can’t drink the water.  But my clothes are mostly in my ‘dresser’ which is really an old wooden file cabinet from the office and my apartment is clean and the dishes are all put away.


All in all, it’s been a great night!  Seriously.  I love it, well, except for this bug that keeps buzzing my head just as I’m falling asleep.  I can’t find it!


Pending for Saturday:  shopping with Hans in the morning and then we’re heading out to my host family’s.  I had an African dress made and I need to pick it up.  We may be picking up the bed and I need to get gas for my stove and my family sells it out there.  I will also be dropping off a few things at my tailor that aren’t clothes and that Moses can just bring in sometime when they’re finished (our offices are right near one another). 


Pending for Sunday:  Amanda and I are meeting Martin to worship together at Nairobi Chapel and I can hardly wait!