I’m sitting here in my apartment for the first time.  I have been blessed to find a great place not terribly far from work, we’ll find out tomorrow when I walk it for the first time, but I’m guessing no more than 30 minutes if that.  I’m near several restaurants and at least three shopping centers or malls. 

I have been loaned some furniture and given an spare twin mattress complete with sheets, blanket and pillow.  The blanket is even my favorite color green.  I have ordered a bed as mentioned in a previous post and am on the verge of ordering a couch worthy of a good nap or night’s sleep.  I also will order some barstools to go with a high table I was loaned.  I hope to be purchasing a lot of small things and a good mattress this week and hopefully a fridge and oven or stovetop.  The rest will come as I can afford and find just the right pieces. 

As I was leaving my host family’s home they presented me with a set of silverware and three dozen eggs.  Did you catch that?  Three dozen eggs.  They raise chickens!  It’s been great to have so many eggs to eat.  Chinyere will be jealous, she loves eggs.  Now I just have to get some pots so that I can cook them.

I got a bit teary as the caretaker left and I closed the door behind him tonight.  This is the first time since the end of April that I have a place of my own.  I no longer will be living out of suitcases and wondering where I am when I wake up in the middle of the night.  I can get to know my neighbors and not leave shortly thereafter. 

It’s such a comfort to finally have a place to call my home away from home.

And there’s another answer to prayer in this entire situation.  Not only do I have a great and safe place to live not terribly far from anything but I have a friend around the corner (and she brought me a house warming gift of cleaning supplies tonight so that I could clean my bathroom!).  There is also a good church around the corner.  I haven’t been there yet but I hear good things about the preaching and the involvement of the congregation.  I’ll let you know.