I’m back at my host family’s for the weekend before moving into my third guest house in four weeks.  The HIV/AIDS tour with six North Americans is here and I’m helping.  We decided that it would just be best to stay at the same guest house with them for convenience and any problems that may arise.  Ruth, my US supervisor, will also be here the end of the week and is staying there so this will give us time to work together.  Yea!

Anyway, as I sit in my room I can hear Moses in the living room watching TV and Rose upstairs listening to some good ol’ country music!  I love that woman.  Here we are living on a different kind of farm than any I’ve ever seen but we’re all the same.  Some of the smells are even the same as Grandmother and Grandad’s house.  There are cattle and sheep and chickens (about 100) and the crops are mostly for the family (lots of fruit) but there are also about 300 bird of paradise plants. 

Next time I’m back I’ll be helping out on the farm with the feeding, milking, and egg gathering.  Oh, the pictures and stories that will come out of that!