I went to visit the Nairobi Museum this afternoon and it’s still under reconstruction.  It was a bummer.  I’m trying to learn a lot more about Nairobi and Kenya and thought that would be a good way to do so. 

I am doing other things in my learning process like talking with my co-workers, watching the news and reading some of the local papers.  I’m also adventuring out into the city and have read one guide and most of another.  I love to read and watch movies and am doing some basic learning that way and following it up with questions of those who live here. 

Anyway, when the museum fell through, Alida and I called a cab and went out to a mall we’d heard a lot about.  We were looking forward to an artistic, fair trade, cultural experience.  Up, it’s a really nice, expensive ex-pat mall.  It was disappointing and I felt like a traitor being there.  It was like being at the mall anywhere in the States and I felt like I was letting myself down by being there and not experiencing the ‘real’ Kenya.  However, I’m in Kenya and this mall is a part of Kenya so it is part of the real Kenya.  Like home, there are all parts that make up the whole.  Some parts I like, some I don’t, some I don’t even know about and some I honestly don’t want to know about.  It’s not that one part is more ‘real’ than another.  It’s the whole picture that makes up what home is just like it is the whole picture that makes up what Nairobi and Kenya are.  I also know that what home or Nairobi is to me is different than what it is to anyone else. 

Once I figure out what Nairobi is to me, I’ll let you know.

This is a bit rambling.  I’m not impressed by that mall we visited today.  I am going to give it a second chance though.  I understand that there is a big market every Friday with lots of stalls and local artisans.  Maybe that’s what I was expecting.  When I get a chance to go, I’ll let you know.  I also did find out that you can ride a matatu out there for only 40 shillings compared to the much more expensive taxi that we took both ways. 

The highlight of the day you ask?  Oh, well, my friends, I am now sitting at the guest house on my bed sipping on a nice and chilly Dr. Pepper.  That’s right.  It’s monumental.  This is the first beverage of champions that I have had since I left the States on July 17 when I had one for lunch in Garden City, Kansas prior to boarding the first of several planes that brought me to Africa.

Ahhhhhh.  It’s certainly good to have the good Dr. in the house.