This has been the week of bad movies.  Seriously.  We went to two different cinemas on two different nights and missed the movie completely the first night.  The second night we missed the movie we wanted to see and went for Disturbia.  Bad scary movie.  Don’t watch it.  Although the lead is from some kid show back when that I can’t think of.  I meant to look it up the other day and forgot.  Anyway, last night and again tonight I watched two pretty bad movies on TV as well.  They are getting ready to show The Mask of Zorro.  Why show the good movie at 10:30?  Seriously.  Bad movie week for sure.  I need movies.  You can buy pirated movies pretty cheaply here but I just can’t get into that or pirated free music.  I have a hard time with either of those.  Nothing you can say will change my mind, but I have got to find some better films once I get my own place.  It won’t really matter once I get back with my family but it will once I have my own place.  I hope to get a TV (relax family, I’ll get a TV) and I can watch movies/TV shows on my computer – Due South anyone?