I wear two rings all the time.  They don’t even come off my fingers.  One is on Tall Man (that would be the second finger) of my left hand.  The other is on Ring Man (the third finger) on my right hand.  One of my coworkers asked if I was getting married.  I said someday is my plan.  She asked who I was dating and I said no one and then she asked about my ring.  I said I thought that women here wore the wedding ring on the left hand like they do in the States.  She said that most women do but sometimes they wear it on their right hand and it might be a problem for me.  No man will want to date me. 

Great.  That’s just what my mom wants to hear.  On one hand she’ll hate it because she wants me to get married maybe more than I do myself.  On the other hand she’ll be a bit relieved because she doesn’t want me to marry someone from here and never come home again.  I don’t think I’ll tell her this story but see if she’s reading my blog and see how long it takes her to say something.