International news is more prevalent here than I find it at home.  Perhaps it’s as accessible in the States but without a TV for the last 3-4 years I certainly didn’t get it and to be honest, if I had it I probably wouldn’t have watched it.  Here, however, I don’t have as many channels and one is Aljezeera and one is another big news station that has bits of US and BBC news.  I have watched a lot of news since I arrived at the guest house this week.  When I’m at my host family’s I usually watch the 7pm news in Swahili.  Sometimes I watch the news in English at 9, too.  It’s mostly the same news but of course, I can understand it much better. 

I have noticed throughout the world that people seem to be much more aware of the world than Americans are.  I encourage you to open your ears and eyes to new avenues of news.  I am going to try to add a few options on my resources page.