I have been shopping and sending things home.  Mom takes everything to school to show to the teachers and her class.  She’s incorporating my time here into her third grade class.  We’re working on putting together some sort of curriculum that might be able to be duplicated in other situations.  Mom then sends the gifts to whomever they are for or keeps them at home for me upon my return. 

I have had a request or two from people for me to purchase things that they have seen.  It is not very easy for me to do that and get the items to the States.  Shipping things is a bit more tedious from here than there.  I in fact, try to send things back to the States when people are going so that they can send it cheaper to Kansas from wherever they land. 

Due to these challenges and yet still wanting to provide a way for people to get authentic, fair trade goods that support the local economy here, I have been looking for organizations that have websites that to which I can refer people.  I get nothing from this except knowing that I am helping local artisans strive for more.

There are many quality organizations and ways to support people around the world.  This is just one way to do so.  I have created another page here where I will list sites where you can make purchases.  I have checked out some the items in person on each of these sites prior to posting them.  Feel free to send me any questions.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to answer them or not, but will try.  I will also include a short blurb on how I came into contact with each source. 

I hope that this will encourage you to think about your purchases.  These are great places to find gifts for all occasions and support something perhaps more worthwhile than your big time department chain.

Thank you for your interest in these items and desire to support people around the world.