This is the word that I have recently received regarding my beginning time in Nairobi 
which is about two weeks away.  
First Month In Nairobi:  Your first month is Nairobi will involve staying with a family, 
working on familiarizing yourself with language/culture/partners, working with the 
Kenya Team to create a Quickbase calendar of all visitors, volunteers, team meetings, 
etc.  It will also involve working with Ruth October 10-12 on the Kenya portion of the 
HIV/AIDS tour.  You will be in Nairobi three weeks before Ruth arrives.  You will be 
staying for one to two months with a couple whose children are grown.  The family is 
well known by a few of our staff.  
Now you know what I do.  I have also included the office mailing address on the ‘about’ 
page since several of you have asked.  It will stay there until there is a change but here 
it is as well.
Amy Thompson, CRWRC
PO Box 66490
00800 Westlands
Nairobi, Kenya
I leave for a week on Monday to go to Niamey, Niger.  I will be attending the West 
Africa Ministries Team meeting and then spending some time in Niger with the staff.  
I don’t know that I will have internet access at all while I am there.