We had waffles this morning and hamburgers and coca-cola for lunch — both Crickmore traditions.  I used to have a tradition of pancakes after church on Sundays when I lived in Sterling. 

 I’ve spent much of the day working at the desk in my room facing the window which looks out over the street.  It’s a nice day, in the 80’s probably and I have the window open and the ceiling fan on low. 

 The sights and sounds of the day coming through this window are what make this such a blessing of a day.

Earlier I looked out to see a neighbor washing his car with his baggy pants showing me his shorts (something transcend cultures unfortunately).  There was a wedding nearby.  I could hear the parade of cars driving down a busy street one block over, the horns honking.  Then I heard the party.  There was live music!  Singing, drumming, clapping!  I couldn’t understand the words, but it was quite a celebration of joy.

Now I hear the children in the Koranic school down the block repeating their lesson.  I’m not certain, but it’s probably in Arabic.  They are so precious with thier small voices trying hard to be the loudest in the class to repeat what they are learning.  There is saddness for me as well, though, as I know that these children may not ever know the love of Jesus.  For another sound that I have heard more than once today and will hear again is the call to prayer.  Five times a day.  Seven days a week.  The call to pray in a language that many don’t really understand, but have memorized.

One of the best ways to share the love of Jesus in this country, and around the world really, is to love people.  To live a life that differenciates you from the crowd.  To live a life for Jesus makes you different and people begin to see that are changed by His love through you.

We worship on Sunday evenings here.  That’s just the church choice that my hosts have made, there are certainly plenty of opportunities to worship on Sunday morning.  We attend a mostly ex-patriot church and everything is in English.  The last Sunday of the month is typically a praise service.  No message but the music.  I’m looking forward to opening my heart to worship with my brothers and sisters.  What a blessing to give and receive.

 Right now the day is fairly quiet.  It’s seista time and many are resting, away from the heat of the day.  While it is not nearly as warm as it was while we were in Senegal, there is still such a time where many stop to rest.  How often do you stop to rest.  Just to rest.  To lie down and be quiet.  During my seistas here I have watched a movie, napped, read, answered emails and such.  It’s nice to have a moment of no pressure.  I am not taking full advantage of it each day, but it is good.