Aug. 5

I just woke up from a nap.  We have power but no internet.  I’m going to try a few locations throughout the apt to see if I can pick it up somewhere else.  It isn’t our connection, we are just, by some miracle of God, able to pick it up.  The power went off the other day and we haven’t been able to pick it up since.  I will have limited time online in the next week, so I’m hoping to get things done today.  It would also be really good to talk with the fam back home. 

Brian and Shannon got married yesterday in Canada.  I’m really happy for them.  I’m bummed that I can’t be at the Iowa reception in a few weeks, but I know that I’ll eventually get to see some photos.  Joy and Paul get married this coming weekend in the Twin Cities and it’s disappointing to miss out on that one too.  Everyone understands, but it’s a bit sad anyway.  I had my own party yesterday – Melissa and I went to the beach.  It was fun.  We found a private beach where we paid to lay in the shade (my legs wandered out into the sun and my shins are bright, bright red).  It was very resortish and nice. 

I’m not awake yet and I need to brush my teeth.  Nap breath can be just as bad as morning breath ya know. 

Wish we had English TV like CNN or something entertaining.  Have a great week my friends.  In case I haven’t mentioned it I will be out with a partner Tuesday through Friday and maybe not back online until next week.

Thank you for your prayers!  Hugs to each of you!

I can hear goats bleating from my window as well as cars driving by, people sweeping and doing dishes.  It’s a different world in now which I live.