Awhile back Melissa mentioned that it was a good thing that we have nose hairs to help filter everything that we breath in through our nose.

You might think this an odd remark.  

However, we were riding in a pick-up at that time through Dakar traffic with the windows down.  That means a lot of fumes and smoke and who knows what else wafting through the air.  The trash system here is not like home and much garbage is on the side of the street or in a burn pile, on fire or smoldering (lot of smoldering due to the large quantity of plastic bags, which is quite an issue throughout West Africa, I understand).

Upon arriving home that night and blowing my nose, I saw first hand exactly how important our nose hairs are to filtering out impurities.  We inhale a lot of bad stuff out there, many of you may first think of cigarette smoke, and our tiny nose hairs help keep our insides a little cleaner.  Think how bad it could be!

God is amazing isn’t he?

He new what we were up against and to help us he made nose hairs.  It blows my mind to think about it.  I can hardly begin to comprehend.  

It’s been quite an adventure the last week and I hope to update you soon, but it is a whirlwind here, so and when I get to an internet cafe it’s all in French so it takes a bit longer there. 

I love you!  Many blessings to each of you!