And now for the second installment of Amy’s Africa FAQs.

1. Where are all the pictures and why does that powerpoint take so crazily long to load?

I am working on getting more photos up here.  Trying to figure out the best way to make that happen without having a powerpoint that takes 8 minutes to download.  Still have a bit of a learning curve.  I’m a basic user and there are some things here I have yet to understand.  If you want to give me a tutoring session, let me know.

2. When do you come back to the States and where will you be?

I fly into Wichita, Kansas late Tuesday night.  My folks and I will stay the night there and then take care of a few things there before heading to Coldwater to see the fam.  We’ll be in Liberal that night (Wednesday).  I will be in Liberal until I leave on Monday, if you’d like to see my schedule, please check my calendar page.

3. Can I get ahold of you before you leave?

I’d love for that to happen!  except that now by the time I’m posting this since I wrote it, I am leaving tomorrow after going to the dentist.  yikes!  Send me emails!

4. How will we hear from you once you are gone from the States?

This blog is the best venue to hear from me.  Other options include, mail (once I know my address) and email.

5.  Have you raised all of your support?

Great question.  You can still contribute to my work in Kenya via the link on the sidebar.  As of this point, I have raised about almost $7000 of $15,000 as of July 10.  

6.  When do you come back?

I will return to the States next June for a period, I don’t know when or for how long at this point.  There is a strong possibility that I will be returning to Kenya for a second year in this position.  That possibility opened up about 2 months ago to me. 

7. Will you be emailing me/us at all?

I am not certain of my internet accessibility, but will do what I can.  This blog really may be the best way for communication between us, I’m not sure.  I love you all and would love to contact each of you, but please know that my email time may be limited and we may have to settle for mass-emails.  I apologize for that in advance but please know that I am thinking about and praying for you all and would love to hear from each of you.  I’m hoping to send out an email update once every month or two as well as a letter periodically.  Until I get to Kenya, I really can’t promise much (that’s mid-Sept.).

8. What kind of emails can we send to you?

Kenya is open to Christianity, so you do not have to be super careful in your emails, but know that the internet is not always secure and what you write may be read by people other than you and I.  Please do not write anything negative, constructive is fine, but be careful about writing negative things about any agency that I may be working with while on this continent.  Also, as mentioned, I may have limited time online, so please limit the amount of forwards that you pass along to me.  I appreciate it.

9.  Are you going to bring me a present?

It depends on who you are.  Are you going to bring me one from wherever you go on your next trip?  I will be bringing back a gift for everyone except my sisters. 

Just kidding!  I’m just checking to see if they are reading my blog.  I don’t know about gifts, we’ll just see what happens.  I know that I’ll be bringing back some odd food if possible and a nativity set of some sort and tea.  You know who you are.  Well, OK, if you must know, the tea is also for me.

10. How do I comment on this crazy blog?  Do I have to register and have yet ANOTHER password?

Yes, I’m sorry, you do need to register as a user and have a password to comment on my blog.  I would strongly encourage you to do so though.  It really means a lot for me to hear from you.  For those of you who may not know me well, I am an extrovert and I need my peeps!  (that’s for you, Rubes)

11. What’s your favorite part of your Adventure with Jesus thus far?

I am humbled by how everyone is supporting me.  Financially, with words of encouragement and reality, and prayerfully.  I cannot say Thank you enough.