Pack.  Unpack.  Pack.  Unpack.  Pack.  Unpack.

 That’s a bit of my life that will last from late April through at least mid-September.  Move here, move there, two weeks, two days, don’t forget anything, borrow until my luggage arrives, carry the essentials in the carry-on.  Where am I?

Where am I, indeed.  I believe that I am in the will of God.  The unpacking to which I am referring in the title of this post has nothing to do with my luggage.  Rather it deals with ‘unpacking’ concepts, ideas, thoughts, principles, everything that has been ‘packed’ into my brain and heart over the past two weeks.  A friend in this class mentioned that she wished she had more time before we leave for the field so that she could process better.  I agree.  I need to make this a priority to unpack all of this and sort through what’s there and decide where to put it along with everything else that I know and believe.  Does it change anything for me?

One thing that I do know without much unpacking at this point is that I believe that I am in the will of God.  This is what He desires for me.  It’s scarey, exciting and unbelievable, but God is with me.  I am not alone. 

My prayer is that I continue to be in God’s will.  That I will continue to unpack his desire for me and not get so much baggage that I can see the important things anymore.  I want to keep God on top of everything. 

It’s almost 11 pm here in Toronto and I’m half packed and need a shower.  I need to unpack so much that sometimes my brain spins and stops suddenly and I don’t remember what I was previously thinking.  (That may have to do with wanting a nap, too, pray for focus and sleep.)

After we finish here tomorrow, we’ll pack the car, have lunch and be on our way.  Chi-Chi, Melissa and I will be dropping off Sharon and Alida at the airport before heading to Burlington.  Alida will be in Kenya, about 5 hours or so northwest of me, so we’ll see each other a bit, probably not often, but it will be good to see her and at least know that she is near.  Sharon is heading out later this summer to do awesome things I can’t really tell you about here, but say a prayer for the word to be seen in her life without words.

I’m overwhelmed. 

I prayed last Sunday morning that God will help me to cry.  I prayed that I could release these emotions that are flooding over me.  He answered that prayer and I have cried on more than one occassion this week.  I’m teary now, in fact.  God is good, ALL THE TIME.

We are hoping to meet up with some of our other participants on Saturday to visit Niagra Falls.  None of us have ever been there and I’m super excited! (Thanks to Heidi for my usage of ‘super’ now for the rest of my life.)  Then Dave, one of our facilitators has invited us to his home for a BBQ.  yippee!  Love the fellowship with people who have been and/or are heading to the field as Cross Cultural Christian Workers.  The conversations of that termanology vs. missionary will come another day.