I’m here in Toronto now and I’m finished with two days of training.  I arrived on Sunday night with my luggage to follow me on Monday late morning.  That was not fun nor surprising, that’s just the way I travel. 

The training is going really well.  Today we spent time learning about the Hindu religion, evangelism and our preferred style of worship.  I would say that perhaps my top two worship styles are traditional and caregiving (which I read as hospitality).

 I need a haircut and am trying to decide whether to get it done here or back home.  Home will probably be less expensive but then I have to wait another two weeks.  There are worse things. 

I am learning more about my job all the time.  I will hit the ground running once I arrive in Kenya and it looks like I will be visiting Tanzania and Uganda sooner than I thought I might.  That is very exciting.  We’re talking October!  That’s really all I know about that but it is so awesome!

This past week I have really seen God at work in my heart.  For example, in the midst of reading the Sermon on the Mt. in Matthew I read about not judging and was struck in that instant by two things.  1. I was in the midst of judging someone at the moment I read those words about not judging before looking at myself first.  2. I realized I wasn’t really focused on what I was reading.  God snapped me back to attention, confession, forgiveness and focus.

Thank you all for your prayers as I continue my training in Canada and build a network of support amongst other people going out into Africa to serve the Lord.  I believe that we will be able to turn to each other and offer a different type of support to one another since we will all be on the field ourselves. 

Thank you for your support.  It has been amazing and humbling.  I cannot say it enough, but thank you.

For those of you interested in trying to keep in touch with me via voice, I would suggest you check into skype.com and do the free download.  It’s great and free to talk computer to computer.  You may need a mic and head phones depending on your personal computer and where you might be calling from but it’s pretty cool.  Most of the team uses it all the time and I have already talked with Texas Laura on it.  yeehaw!

Many blessings to each of you, Amy