I arrived in Grand Rapids, Michigan yesterday after a whirlwind loop through Kansas.  (I need to send out a big thank you to my sister’s wierd boys in Goodland who helped with my car issues.  I don’t know if they really knew what they were doing, but they faked it well.  Thanks, guys!)  A big thanks to my cousin Mike for getting up early before work on Monday and taking me out to the DIA.  yippee!  Good to see you!

I’m staying in a furnished apt. with another gal, Melissa, who will be heading to Sierra Leone in West Africa for two years.  We will do much of our training together.  I’ve also met ChiChi who will be the bridger in Nigeria.  And, I finally met Ruth.  Ruth is my boss in the States.  She is amazing and it’s great to finally meet her in person. 

I have a busy week and will be in and out and not sure of my internet opportunities, but will try to keep you up to date.  Will have to wait for pictures though until I return home next week, left the cable there.  But oh, the pictures you will be seeing next week!  I know you are excited!