I thought I’d offer a quick update since I’ve started to give this blog addy out I wanted to make sure that there was something to read on it. 

 I have only one shot left to recieve, it’s the third in my rabies series.  While the rabies vaccine is not required (unlike typhoid, yellow fever, tetnus, Hep. A & B, polio booster and malaria pills) it is recommended for people staying long periods of time.  I also have to decide which type of malaria pills to get and start taking them. 

I’m working on trying to get some speaking engagements before I leave for more support so that I can have a better idea of what my June may look like.  If you are interested in hearing me talk please let me know and we’ll see what we can work out before I leave. 

 I look forward to hearing from you!  Many blessings to each of you and thank you for your prayers.