I have resigned from my position here at the hospital and will have my last day as May31.  It’s good to now be able to talk about everything with everyone.  It went well and everyone is excited for me.  There is still a lot to do at work before I leave the end of the month, but it is good to have the move out in the open. 

 I plan to speak in some churches prior to my departure and I’ll keep you posted as to where those are located in case you are in the area and are able to swing by and see me.

Right now the only solidified date is Sunday July 1 at my home church in Liberal.  I’m also being commissioned here at my church Memorial weekend.  yea!  What a send-off!

More details later, my friends!


A big thanks for the prayers and support from my friends in the LoneStar State this past weekend.  Thank you sooooooooo much Lady Laura, Pat, Gene, Bec, Shawn and Cassie!